Arts Vs Science Festival 2015

flyerBanner designed by John Goodfellow as part of the subject – Caught in the Web: Designing for the Digital Space (COM10110, SASS) using mural artwork by Jeremy Austin.

Solar Powers the Main Stage : Melted Couch : Young Murphies : Sleepy Bear Syndrome : Nocturnal Tapes : Dru Berry : The Shuggs : Art Magic Remnant : SoundArt : Media Art : Environmental Critique through Media Art : Poems Enmeshed in Nature : Installations : Riverbank Tree Planting : Bright Ideas & Big Scrub Talks : Backyard Big Scrub Makeover – Workshop with Costa : Love Food Save Money Cooking Demonstration : Film ‘Rainforest the Secret of Life’ : Food & Market Stalls : Interactive Art/Science Workshops : National Science Week Schools Arts Competition

Live music, poets, workshops and Big Scrub Rainforest Day are all on the 2015 Festival menu.Browse last years wonderful festival photos by Tony Allison.

Discover a world where art meets science. Back with a bang, the Northern Rivers Science Hub is celebrating National Science Week this time with a leafy twist! The 2015 Arts vs Science Festival will bring its magic to National Science Week & Arts in August this year in collaboration with Big Scrub Rainforest Day! This one day science, art and music festival will be held on Saturday 22nd August at Lismore City Hall with a jam-packed program that has something for everyone. The day kicks of with the rainforest planting at 8.30am followed by the Festival Opening Ceremony at 10am. All festival events are free.


Come and get your art / science on

Kicking off the day is a riverbank planting at Riverside Park from 8.30am. Come along you might even meet somebody famous! The BRIGHT IDEAS ROOM, this year brought to you by Big Scrub Rainforest Day, will present films and talks with big scrub rainforest themes, including the Backyard Big Scrub Makeover Gardening Workshop with Costa. North East Waste brings the Love Food Save Money cooking workshops to the City Halls kitchens. Book now to reserve your spot and cook with renowned Chef Daniel Lange – kids welcome. Dorroughby Environmental Education Centre is exhibiting the National Science Week Schools Art and Video competition which will be judged by local art and science experts.

Solar powers the main stage

Australia’s largest solar-powered audiovisual production system, Solar Sunflower, will be powering the RIVERSTAGE. With a built in energy monitoring system, Festival goers will get to see Solar Sunflower’s live data updates on a video screen that shows how much power is used by each band. This years Arts vs Science Festival will also see Dr Barry Hill debut the Sunflower as part of a solar powered Soundart Installation and self-powered music robot controller for a multichannel audio soundscape that will change according to the amount of solar energy produced or consumed. SCU Contemporary Music course coordinator Dr Matt Hill is the curator of the festival music stage including the SCU bands Sleepy Bear Syndrome, Young Murphies and Nocturnal Tapes, Northern Rivers Conservatorium acts Dru Berry and The Shuggs, well as Richmond River High School Band and Triple J unearthed entrants Melted Couch.

Poems enmeshed in nature

Poetry has a role to play in the planet’s survival. Far from being irrelevant, it can claim an engagement with the biosphere’s crises. The imagination is as fundamental as scientific research and technology to solving environmental issues. Staff and students of SCU’s Writing program present poems enmeshed in nature – nature writing, or what is now known as ecocriticism: from talk of landscapes and surf, to plant specimens of the SCU Herbarium and the rain forest, and more. Spoken word performers include Moya Costello, Lynda Hawryluk, Josephine Mooney, Kim Satchell, Katinka Smit, and Peter Booth.

Environmental critique through media art

Dr Grayson Cooke will present an Environmental Critique through Media Art. In this presentation, Grayson Cooke will discuss and screen two of his recent works from an art/science project involving environmental critique and material enquiry. The two works he will screen, “Frack” and “Deforest”, reflect on the effects of resource extraction on the environment, and consist of time-lapse photography of film media being chemically degraded. “Frack” explores “virtual fracking” – it uses chemicals used in hydraulic fracturing to dissolve photographs of sedimentary rock. “Deforest” uses sulphuric acid (which burns to the touch) to melt photographs of old growth rainforest.

Art Magic: Remnant

Joining the fun, Lismore Regional Gallery​ is bringing “Art Magic : Remnant” to the Arts vs Science Festival! You are invited to take part in workshops and “Art Magic” sessions to make a Rainbow Forest, responding to the flora, fauna and landscape of the Lismore region. The project will culminate with an Art Magic: Remnant exhibition, at Lismore Regional Gallery from 12 September to 24 October 2015.

What else is on the Arts Vs Science Festival menu!

Digging the music line up? Inspired by the Bright Ideas presentation topics? Still hungry for more? Well whet your appetite on this! The food vendors at Arts Vs Science are going to keep us fed and happy all day long!

Wildthyme Foods are back again, this year providing us with scrumptious Italian inspired warm food, as well as fresh salads and wraps. Wildthyme will also be making the coffee magic happen.

Om Made Food will offer a variety of foods including vegetarian, vegan and gluten free. Carnivores are also catered for, including bacon from our own free range, heritage breed Berkshire pigs, cured by a multi award winning local butcher! Owner Megan tells us that “Most of our food and condiments are handmade and local ingredients are used wherever possible to support our local farmers and businesses. Om Made Foodalso offer Chai tea (our own spice blend) and cold drinks sourced from Australian companies. We hope to see you at the Art vs Science festival in wonderful Lismore!”.

Did you know that a large snow cone contains less sugar than a fruit juice ‘popper’ and 1/3 the sugar of a soft-serve ice cream? You want one now dont you? Well luckily, we only have to wait until Saturday! Wonder Snow Northern Rivers is a local business which has been in operation for over 9 years. Owner Katrina offers 32 Amazing locally made syrup, with 100% Natural Colours and Flavours: all without any reliance on mains power! Now that is one treat which is practically guilt free!

John and the Family from Anna Home Catering will be joining us at the Arts Vs Science Festival, providing Authentic South Indian Food. Their tasty menu is sure to make your mouth water, including vegetable puffs with fruit chutney, tandoori drum sticks with salad and avocado chutney, vada with sambar and coconut chutney (gluten and vegan free) rice and curries, flat bread with curries, mango lassie, dosa, chai and drinks.Yum!Want a Taste of Indonesia? You’ll get it at Arts Vs Science! Indonesian foods on the menu include yummy dishes including Corn Fritters, Rendang (Beef Curry), Chicken Satay, Stir Fry Noodle, and Fried Rice.

Join us in the world where art meets science!

With innovative arts/science presentations and big scrub themes, interactive science/arts workshops, Backyard Big Scrub Makeover Workshop, Love Food Save Money cooking demonstration, the schools art and video competition, tree planting on the riverbank and live music alongside audio visual displays and the Southern Cross University solar sunflower, the Arts vs Science Festival will be sure to get everyone excited about the wonders of science, the diversity of our creative communities, and the beauty of Big Scrub biodiversity so make sure you save the date!

If you would like further information about the Arts vs Science Festival please email with Arts vs Science Festival in the email header.

Connect with the NR Science Hub

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An Australian Initiative

The Arts vs Science Festival was brought to you by the Northern Rivers Science Hub. The Northern Rivers Science Hub is hosted by Southern Cross University and its initiatives are sponsored by Inspiring Australia, Lismore City Council, Rous Water and Dorroughby Environmental Education Centre. The Northern Rivers Science Hub is proudly supported by its members The Arts vs Science Festival is supported by the Australian Government and Inspiring Australia as part of activities nationwide for National Science Week .




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